Essence of water
2009 PX3

Credits: Ami Vitale, Lui Roq, Arturo Zavala Haag, Ting King Ting, Nir Alon


Essence of Water Exhibited Photographers
Nir Alon
Jacqueline Berthaume
Andrew P Brooks
Keith Foster
Balazs Gardi
Simor Harsent
Philip Lee Harvey
Alison Jones
June Young Lim
Akshay Mahajan
Kent Mathews
Richard W J Koh
Arturo Zavala Haag
Ezra Millstein
Gabe Palacio
Sergio Pessolano
Lui Roq
Michael Schnabel
Martin Soeby
Brent Stirton
Ting King Ting
John Trotter
Ami Vitale
Yoong Wah Alex Wong
Hamideh Zolfaghari



—this element that composes most of the earth, most of “us”.
This substance, more precious than any other, more pursued, made pilgrimages to,
Heroically trekked after, worshipped, valued, as well as undervalued—Water, The Giver
Of Life, The Destroyer of Life, and, Destroyed by Our Life…

-Susan Baraz